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Eyelid Rejuvenation or blepharoplasty is an operation designed to rejuvenate the eyelid area and provide a more youthful appearance. The operation removes excess tissue, skin or fat from the either the lower eyelids, upper eyelids or both.

When undergoing eyelid rejuvenation many patients also choose to have laser resurfacing of the lines and wrinkles around the eyes, face and neck at the same time. Autologous fat transfer, brow lift, face lift and non surgical facial rejuvenation treatments are also popular additional treatments.

Who is it for?

Eyelid rejuvenation is designed to combat puffy or droopy eyes, which can be caused by age, health issues or hereditary conditions.

There are a number of different types of eyelid rejuvenation. A consultation regarding the risks and limitations of surgery will help you to choose a procedure that will meet with your expectations.


The eyelid rejuvenation operation can be performed under both local or general anaethesia.

Some swelling and bruising may occur for the first couple of weeks, but most people can return to their normal, non-strenuous activities 2 days after surgery. The stitches are removed from the upper lids at 9 days, after which time make-up can be worn. Make-up can be worn immediately after the lower lids are done.

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