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Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation is most commonly referred to as breast enlargement. Designed to enlarge and enhance both breast size and shape breast enlargement is the most common cosmetic procedure in the UK.

The procedure consists of placing an implant inside the breast to increase the size or change the shape as required. Their are a number of ways to make the incision, such as via the fold underneath the breast, the area around the nipple, under the arm or through the navel. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, partly depending on the type of filling you prefer and the size of the implant.

Who is it for?

The breast enlargement procedure is particularly useful for women who have either always had small breasts or who have lost breast tissue (volume) due to weight loss or pregnancy.

A consultation regarding the risks and limitations of surgery will help you to choose a procedure that will meet with your expectations.


The breast enlargement operation is performed under general anaethesia and the operative time and your length of stay in hospital will be determined by the extent of surgery as discussed at the initial consultation. Normally 7 -10 days is required off work unless your job involves any lifting or carrying, then you may be advised to take more time off.

A lot of women ask if they can breast feed after breast augmentation surgery to which the answer is simply yes.

There are general risks associated with any type of surgery but complications with breast implant surgery are rare. During your initial consultation Mr.Ross will make you aware of the possible problems that can occur, such as: leakage, implant infection, capsular contraction or sensation changes.

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