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Buttock Lift

A buttock lift is a procedure that involves removing excess skin and tissue to tighten the skin around the buttocks. Buttock lifts are commonly performed along with other surgical procedures, such as a thigh lift or liposuction, although this is not necessary and the procedure may also be performed effectively on its own.

The Procedure

The buttock lift procedure is most commonly performed on those people who are growing older and whose buttocks have begun to sag or lose their shape although buttock lifts are also often performed on younger individuals who are unhappy with the shape of their buttocks.

A consultation regarding the risks and limitations of surgery will help you to choose a procedure that will meet with your expectations.


The buttock lift operation is performed under general anaethesia and usually takes a couple of hours. It may very well involve an overnight stay.

The vast majority of patients are delighted with the procedure although complaints can include numbness, bruising, swelling especially around the scar line and a slight difference between the two thighs. Uncommon and unlikely complications include infection, haematoma, delayed healing and thickened scarring.

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